Strategically Placed Flora


So why go to all this trouble? The answer was certainly obvious during the vintage period. Just look at any copy of Playboy from the early 60's. Nudity was NOT a problem for publishers and illustrators ... just so long as certain parts of the anatomy were tastefully hidden. I'm sure it made some artists glad they hadn't missed the class on still-life. Of course, there are LOTS of cover images that use a carefully posed hand, a piece of paper, a whiff of smoke, etc. These are just some covers that use plants.

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Courtesy of Bob Gaines



                                                                                                                                                                     Courtesy of Brian Maginnity



     Courtesy of Brian Maginnity     Courtesy of Jan Tonnesen                                                                           Courtesy of Frank Motler               



                                           Courtesy of Anonymous                                                    Courtesy of Anonymous     Courtesy of Brian Maginnity



Courtesy of Brian Maginnity       Courtesy of Fred Meyerriecks                                                                     Courtesy of Kenneth R. Johnson   



                                         Courtesy of Brian Maginnity                              Courtesy of Kenneth R. Johnson         Courtesy of Brian Maginnity