Hoboes and Harlots




Lion 202                      Lion Library LL160













This book was first published as Lion 202 as a paperback original in 1954 with cover by Art Sussman. It was reprinted in 1957 as Lion Library LL160 in Lion's new, taller format, and with a cover painting by Clark Hulings. The oddity here is that the "reprint" contained a lot more than the original ... without indicating that it did so.

According to bibliographer Kenneth R. Johnson:

Hoboes and Harlots by George Milburn was published twice by Lion Books. Lion Book 202 was the first edition, in the short format. It contained 14 stories, all nicely listed on the contents page, with a rather vague acknowledgments page listing various magazines that the stories had previously appeared in.

The second edition was Lion Library 160. Not only was the book re-typeset in the taller format, it has 30 extra pages. How this was accomplished is not immediately apparent because the second edition lacks a contents page, hiding the fact that 6 extra stories were added to this edition. There is no change to the acknowledgments page and nothing was said on the covers or blurbs to indicate that this edition had been revised or expanded.

To the best of my knowledge this expansion has not previously been reported.


(The scan of Lion 202 is Courtesy of Fred Meyerriecks.)