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Once again, I can find very little information about this publisher. It evidently had a very short run, with most books that I've been able to find printed either in 1937 or 1938. The books had dust jackets, and were digest-sized. From the inside of the dust jacket below, the company obviously offered hardback books, as well, with paperbacks selling for 25 (with some exceptions) and the "cloth" books selling for 95.

Their marketing concept appeared aimed at booksellers and distributors, saying that they could offer low prices by selling in bulk.

Blue Seal books were original works that sold for 25. If it cost more than a quarter, it was a Gold Seal book (also an original work). Reprints of literary titles were Red Seals.

The dust jackets' illustrations always duplicated the pictures on the cover of the books. As a result, if you're looking at "Seal Book," you have to pick it up and examine it to determine if it has a jacket.