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Please read "About BookScans."

Please read "Legal Stuff."

Please don't send scans of books that are already in the database unless they are significant improvements.

Please only send cover art from paperbacks that are NUMBERED books printed in the 1940's, 50's, 60's & 70's.

 Please DO NOT include books that are identified only by barcode; or books printed after 1979.

I prefer you save and send your pictures in JPG format, but I can work with just about anything. Please understand that I will reduce them for space considerations.

Please send your scans as e-mail attachments, no more than 1 meg per attachment. I have email space restrictions.

If you'd like to contribute a large group of pictures, I prefer you send me a CD or DVD. Please mail it to:

Bruce Black, 26 Powder Creek Dr., Belleville, IL 62223

If you send me a CD of your images, I'll reciprocate by sending you a BookScans DVD FREE!

Let me know how you would like to be recognized for your contributions: by name, eBay user name, e-mail address, etc. I'll give you full credit in the "Contributors" section of the site, and mention your name under the thumbnail of your contributed image.