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Submitting Your Scans

The scans in the Publishers' Folders are presented using Microsoft Photo Gallery, which is part of the old FrontPage software. I will be changing the content of each folder as the database grows, but the number of thumbnails on a page may well exceed 100. This means that if you are viewing the page using a dial-up modem, it may take quite awhile to load; up to three minutes using a 28.8 kb connection.

The web address of each individual picture is that book's edition number. On most browsers, when you pass your cursor over the thumbnail, the address associated with the link (usually at the bottom of your screen) will show that address. So, if you see something like:


that's the image for Bantam #724. 



The pictures I add to the collection are scanned at 300 dots per inch, reduced to a scale of 250 pixels across the top (horizontally), and saved as high-quality JPGs. This makes the picture about 385 pixels tall for "standard sized" books such as Pocket Books and Dells, and about 425 pixels tall for Signet or Gold Medal size books. On higher resolution screens, this may make the resultant picture appear a bit small. My original goal was to have the entire book visible on a computer screen without "scrolling down." Almost 20 years later, I REALLY wish I had used higher resolution. But it would be too much to go back and re-scan (and especially re-caption) more than 100,000 images now.

I will resize the scans as they are sent to me.

Please see my page about Submitting Your Scans.